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Append third party information to your consumer or business database. This allows you to learn more about your customers and create robust segments for more targeted marketing.

Data Enhancement involves appending additional third-party data (demographic/psychographic/firmographic) information to your existing consumer or business database. This process enhances your data by integrating more detailed attributes about your customers, which can include age, income, buying behaviors, preferences, and lifestyle choices. There are hundreds to choose from!

How It Benefits You: By enhancing your database with broader and deeper information, you can create more robust customer segments. This refined understanding allows for highly targeted marketing strategies, leading to more personalized customer interactions and improved response rates. Businesses can design campaigns that are more relevant to each segment, increasing the effectiveness of marketing spend and boosting ROI.

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Gain insight into the composition and key characteristics of your customers to enhance marketing strategies.

Portrait Reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your customer base, detailing key characteristics and behaviors of your target audience, to your industry's baseline norm. These reports compile data into actionable insights, giving you an aggregate picture of your customers demographically and how that index compares to others in the area.

How It Benefits You: With Portrait Reports, businesses can fine-tune their marketing strategies based on accurate customer profiles. This strategic advantage allows for more effective messaging and product offerings tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of different customer groups. Ultimately, this leads to better customer engagement, higher satisfaction, and increased loyalty.

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Clean and refresh your customer data and preserve consumer privacy.

Data Hygiene services involve the cleaning and updating of your postal, email, and phone databases to ensure accuracy and relevance. Data Hygiene can also fill in gaps in your data and add robust links to identify duplicate records.

How It Benefits You: Maintaining data hygiene prevents the wastage of resources on non-responsive or unreachable contacts and protects consumer privacy. For businesses, this means reduced campaign costs and higher conversion rates as communications reach the intended recipients. It also helps in building trust with your audience by respecting their information privacy.

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Choose prospects for your next direct mail and/or digital marketing campaign based on refined data insights.

Audience Selection is the process of identifying and choosing the most suitable prospects for your direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. This service uses refined data insights to segment audiences based on specific criteria that align with your marketing objectives.

How It Benefits the Customer: Selecting the right audience ensures that your marketing efforts are directed toward individuals most likely to be interested in your products or services. This targeted approach minimizes resource expenditure and maximizes campaign effectiveness, leading to a better conversion rate and a higher return on investment.

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Link database records at the individual, household, and address levels to improve campaign accuracy.

Customer Linkage involves connecting and aligning database records across various dimensions—individual, household, and address levels—to create a unified view of your customers. This linkage allows for a more accurate and consolidated data set.

How It Benefits You: Effective customer linkage improves the accuracy of your campaigns by ensuring that messages are tailored to the right recipient groups. This reduces redundancy and enhances the customer experience by providing a cohesive communication strategy across different touchpoints, which can increase engagement and loyalty.

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Score your universe of prospects and connect with those most likely to convert, optimizing your marketing efforts.

Predictive Models use statistical techniques and algorithms to score and rank prospects based on their likelihood to engage or convert. This service sifts through large datasets to identify patterns and predict future behaviors of potential customers.

How It Benefits You: Employing predictive models allows businesses to focus their marketing efforts on prospects with the highest potential for conversion, optimizing both resource allocation and outcomes. This targeted approach reduces marketing waste and increases efficiency, thereby driving up overall profitability and reducing customer acquisition costs.

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